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Lusungu Kayela

Lusungu Kayela

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Balancing motherhood and career

The evolving role of women in modern society reflects a profound shift from traditional norms to a dynamic landscape where women are asserting their presence across diverse spheres. Women are no longer confined to traditional gender roles but are actively participating as leaders, innovators and contributors in various sectors.

Leadership in uncertain times: A how to guide for leaders great or small

The following quote is a reminder to us all that even the most experienced leaders cannot predict the future. In uncertain times, it is important to be humble and adaptable. "Only a fool would try to forecast the future." – Mark Twain. Leadership in uncertain times is more important than ever before. Leaders in multinational organizations must be able to adapt to change, build resilience and inspire their teams.

Talent acquisition in a turbulent economy: How to recruit, retain, and manage top talent

The article "Talent acquisition in a turbulent economy" by Kestria’s Industrial/Production Practice Group, provides insights on how to recruit, retain, and manage top talent in a volatile economy. The article highlights the challenges faced by talent acquisition professionals in such an environment and offers practical tips on how to overcome these challenges.