At Kestria Zambia, we deeply understand the importance of trust in our service. Safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is a core principle in our interactions with our valued clients and candidates.

We go to great lengths to ensure the protection of any personal data we gather through our website or any other means, preventing its misuse, loss, unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure. Kestria Zambia has established robust privacy and security protocols to safeguard the personal information of our candidates and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive corporate data provided by our clients. We regularly review and, if necessary, update these practices to stay current. Furthermore, all Kestria Zambia employees undergo privacy training and are required to adhere to our privacy guidelines as part of their employment. Upon joining the firm, each consultant and employee is obligated to sign a confidentiality agreement, committing to uphold the privacy and confidentiality of all internal information shared within the organization.

Personal information collected by Kestria Zambia pertains to identifiable individuals and may encompass details such as names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, financial information, career histories, references, educational backgrounds, and other credentials. Corporate data obtained from clients may include organizational structures, financial figures, business challenges, and cultural insights. Only client information expressly authorized by the client is shared with candidates.

The sole purpose of gathering this information is to facilitate the search process. Under no circumstances do we utilize this data for any other purposes. Candidates and clients are informed of information sharing on a case-by-case basis, and no information is disclosed to any party without the explicit consent of all involved parties. 

We value your privacy

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